Danica Phelps


Danica Phelps is first and foremost a draughtswoman. In this medium she keeps a diary, and for over ten years has been painstakingly documenting every aspect of her daily life as an artist. Executed in elegant pencil lines, she meticulously catalogues the rituals of everyday life: waking up, walking the dogs, grocery shopping, sex, arguments, making up. In her works Phelps creates a unique blend of abstraction, conceptual systematics, figurative line—and exhibitionism. She has laid bare her coming out and the tempestuous relationship with her girlfriend Debi in unadulterated erotic drawings and diary entries (“A Book of D’s”). She directly engages with issues such as the creation of value, or the structures of the art market, by laying bare her costs of living down to the last cent—and by creating works that in turn deal with her own economic situation. To this end she created “charts” where a red stripe stands for a Dollar spent, and a green stripe for a Dollar earned. The purchase of a small house in Brooklyn went beyond the scope of this project, leading the artist to found a “Stripe Factory”, where assistants helped her paint some 675,000 stripes. In November 2008, Danica Phelps gave birth to her first child, Orion. In a series of drawings, installations and stop-motion animation movies created since then, she allows the public to partake of the emotional and economic transformations of her everyday life in a singularly tender and touching manner.

Over the last ten years, Danica Phelps has participated in more than 60 group exhibitions, many of them in public institutions. At the same time, she has had 38 solo exhibitions. She lives and works in Brooklyn.